Who I Am

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You have obviously come to this page to see who I am.


I love the Lord, my husband, children, friends, and FICTION!

Now how am I going to combine all of that?  I started thinking about the true stories that God uses in the Bible to teach us about Him:  Moses, Noah, Gideon (my favorite because he was hiding in a winepress and the angel called him a valiant warrior–isn’t God great?), and so many more.  He loves to teach us through stories.

And then when Jesus came to earth to live among us, he used parables, stories, illustrations, and word pictures to cause the disciples’ hearts to be pierced and touched by Him.

Shouldn’t we use stories too?  That’s why I love great Christian fiction.  I began to study the illustrations and stories that God uses in the Bible.  I am amazed at how much I am learning about Him and myself.

So, I am sharing these things that I am learning with you (and throwing in some fictional accounts of the stories) to help us all grow in our walks with the Lord.  I plan to write twice a week to keep things going–pray for me if you think about it–consistency is one of my worst faults.  But God is in the business of changing us!  Most of the posts will be about the Bible, but I will also digress at times to write reviews of some of my favorite books and authors.

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Here is a little bit about myself:

I have been married 25 years to my wonderful husband Tom.  I have three children: Rosalynn is 24, Beth is 16 and David is 10.  I homeschooled all of them, and I am still homeschooling Beth and David.  We live near the ocean, which is beautiful,  in the smallest state in the nation.  I love snow, reading (of course), scrapbooking, sewing, and cooking, among many other things.  I think one of the things I like best is to play games with my children and read great books, like Lamplighter Fiction, to them in the evenings.

Thanks for stopping by to get to know me a bit better.  Oh, if you would like to read my other blogs, just click on the links under the tab, Other Blogs.

Blessings in the Lord!