Sharing my heart with you

Speaking at Conventions:

I enjoy speaking at conventions and would love to speak with you about the opportunity to share my heart for homeschooling with fellow homeschoolers.  Please contact me at FindingChristBooks@cox.net.  You can also call me at 401-954-3984.

My Bio:


blog 2Carol Robb is first a daughter of Christ, second the wife of a wonderful husband and third a mom to three great children.  She has homeschooled all three of her children, and yes, her oldest child made it through college and is now a successful young woman in the working world.  Carol loves to minister through teaching Bible studies to women and leading a local homeschool co-op.  Her favorite co-op classes to teach are those in which she can design and create Lapbooks.  She has developed two Lapbook series called, “The Promise Series Bible Studies” and “God’s Hand in History”.

Carol and her husband, Tom, also own Finding Christ Books, a publishing company geared toward publishing great Christian Fiction and Finding Christ Through Fiction, a retail on-line store filled with many resources for growing in Christ, homeschooling,  and for anyone who loves to read good Christian fiction.  She has a heart to find godly fiction books that point to Christ.  She also loves to write on her blogs  At FictionforChrist.com  Carol describes how the Lord uses stories from the Bible to grow us in our walk with Him.  On www.HomeschoolersforChrist.com she gives ideas on how to include Christ in your homeschooling day and tips that she has learned over her 20 years of homeschooling.  LapbookingforChrist.com is a blog that is filled with basics of Lapbooking, ideas to get you going and samples of lapbooks that she and others have done.

Here are some of my favorite topics:



Two Trees LapbookLapbooking 101

School can be fun and lapbooking is one way to open up learning for children while they are having fun.  This is a hands-on session that I teach to parents who are new to lapbooking.  I explain the basics of lapbooking, the reasons to lapbook, and provide fun examples of my children’s lapbooks.  Then we create a sample lapbook together which parents can use as a reference in the future.



Art and the Renaissance openLapbooking and Beyond

This session is for those parents who know the basics of lapbooking, but need ideas on how to use lapbooking in their homeschooling.  I will teach them how to develop a lapbook in Science, History, and Bible, with specifics on creating games and how to use the computer to design the lapbooks. 





God Using Stories to Transform LivesStories that Reach the Heart:  Using dynamic stories to teach the way God does in the Bible

Stories have a way of reaching deep into people’s hearts. God created each of us to have our own story and to relate to others’ stories.  That is why the Bible is filled with true stories about real people who were imperfect, but who still were able to do great things for God.  Isn’t this what we want for our children: to do great things for God?  This session will examine how the Bible uses stories to teach us about Him and how Christ taught people through stories and asking questions.  Since Jesus taught this way, we should follow His example to use more narrative and stories in our teaching.   I will also discuss the value of godly fiction in teaching and how to be discerning with the books that our children read.


heavy backpackCan we do it all?  Removing the rocks from your homeschooling backpack

There is so much homeschooling material out there and many different teaching philosophies. Homeschoolers often feel the pressure to do more than they are able or they don’t feel like they are doing enough.  These pressures are like gathering rocks one by one and carrying them around in our homeschooling backpacks, making our load heavier and heavier.  Do we really need to do it all?  In this session, my desire is to encourage homeschooling moms and dads to prayerfully consider what the Lord wants them to teach their own children each year, each day, and even each minute.  They can embrace the joy of the Lord as He shows them how to raise their children in the admonition of the Lord. 


God in SchoolIncluding Christ in your homeschooling day

God doesn’t want us to segment our homeschooling day into academics versus the Bible.  He doesn’t want us to fit Him into our schedule but to plan our schedule around Him.  After all, everything that we are teaching our children–Science, History, Language Arts, Math, Reading—God is involved in it all.  Through a short dramatic skit and examples of how we can include God in every part of our day, I hope to encourage parents in their walk with the Lord so that they can teach their children in an authentic way about the Lord.





Stressed out Mom“Angry?  Me?”  Seeing our children through the eyes of Christ

The pressure of homeschooling is great, especially when we struggle with “the fear of man.”  If we don’t see ourselves as successful homeschooling parents, it is easy to become frustrated and angry, and to take that out on our children.  In this session, through a short dramatic skit, and honesty about my walk as an angry mom, I hope to be able to point parents to the Lord to find forgiveness and be able to see their children through the eyes of Christ.  This may be a subject that is not discussed “out loud” a lot, but I think we need to be honest with ourselves about unrighteous anger in our homes.   Our children will grow in their walk with the Lord as they see us as parents being repentant and loving in all that we do, say, and teach.





God's hand history 1God’s Hand in History:  from Creation through Christ

When God created Adam and Eve, He didn’t just walk away and leave us to our own devices.  He had a plan and a Promise that He gave to Eve in Genesis 3:15:  a coming Savior.  In this session, I discuss how God fulfills this promise through Jesus Christ and that all of History points to His coming.  Even the difficult and cruel times are under His sovereign reign.  I will weave together the events in early History to show God’s intimate involvement.  One goal I have had in teaching my own children is to help them examine why God allows trials so that when they experience tribulation, they will know God is faithful because they have seen this in their History studies.




God in the Middle AgesGod’s Hand in History:  the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages was a dark time in History.  However, there were many faithful men and women who walked closely with God, suffered for their faith, and kept their trust in a faithful God.  In the Bible, God often tells us to remember what He has done.  It causes us to be renewed in our walk with Him.  In this session, I will remind parents how God used many hard times during the Middle Ages to draw people to Himself.  As children study these events in History, they can also be encouraged to stay close to the Lord when they experience difficulties, knowing that God has plans for His people.





God's Hand in the Renaissance and ReformationGod’s Hand in History:  the Renaissance and Reformation

The Renaissance was an amazing time of Art and Science, but the main focus began to switch from dependence on God to glorifying man.  Even in the Reformation when people were trying to change the hypocrisy of the church, some loss their focus of God and desired power instead.   How important it is for us as parents to train our children to understand worldviews and how easily we can be caught in the trap of faulty thinking.  I will show how we can use the events of the Renaissance and the Reformation to teach different worldviews so that they will be able to recognize many lies being taught in our Society today.